Last week I attended a fantastic webinar about InfiniteWP on taught by Benjamin Bradley. If you maintain multiple self-hosted WordPress websites, you definitely need to check out InfiniteWP. It’s a FREE, installable web tool that lets you update WordPress plugins, themes, and the WordPress core from a centralized site and login. In addition, a variety of paid add-ons are available to perform maintenance tasks on your sites, monitor uptime, backup to remote repositories, schedule backups, and more. I haven’t purchased any of the add-ons yet but I’m definitely going to. The time InfiniteWP is going to save me in the coming months as I keep my 36 different WordPress websites up to date (yes I know, I was shocked too when I saw that number) is HUGE. Check out this 1.5 minute video to get a quick overview.

InfiniteWP ROCKS.

If you’re an educator, sign up for the FREE iThemes Education Program, which includes a free membership to and all their weekly webinars. If you can’t catch a webinar live you can generally view an archived recording later. is a fantastic way to learn WordPress and acquire the skills you need to teach your students WordPress, even if you’re not “officially” a web design teacher/instructor.

After installing InfiniteWP to a directory on your server, you’ll need to install the free IWP Client Plugin on each of your WordPress sites. After copying the activation key info into your IWP installation, you’ll be ready to centrally manage WordPress updates… and potentially even more if you puchase add-ons.

* Full disclosure: I was a paid content blogger for iThemes (who operates last fall. More background is available on my Social Media Consulting page.

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2 Responses to Update and Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP

  1. Andy Rush says:

    Incredibly useful. Thanks Wes.

  2. Clay Scott says:

    This will certainly help with the maintenance of my (number substantially lower than 36) sites. Thanks for the tip! How does this compare to WordPress Multisite? I’ve been doing a bit of research on it for a particular site I’m working on. If you have experience with Multisite I’d like to pick your brain. DM me @scottmclay if you’re willing to share. Thanks!

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