Ever wonder what support for interactive writing / blogging should look like at the high school / secondary level? Here’s a fantastic answer to that question:

Our school has about 800 students (200 per grade) and we are requiring all our freshmen to start a blog about their school experience, and maintain it over their 4 years here. Regardless of what program they choose to create their blog, they have to be organized in a manner that allows different populations to find and read them. And this system has to be robust enough to support 200 additional blogs each year, organized by homeroom and accessible to users with all sorts of ability levels (ranging from highly skilled to terrified, and who are universally too busy to go far out of their way to troubleshoot).

Myron Buck is the High School Information Communications Technology Facilitator at Hong Kong International School and the author of this paragraph.

Read his entire recent post, “The Heir Apparent…” (about Feedly and Google Reader) to get more context. Myron is @myroniusbuckus on Twitter and blogs on the Digital Bridge. I love the term “digital bridge” in the context of educational technology.

Our Digital Landscape

Hat tip to Jeff Utecht for sharing his post, “The Bright Side Of Google Reader Leaving Us,” which led me to Myron’s post.

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2 Responses to What Support for Interactive Writing (Blogging) at High School Should Look Like

  1. Myron Buck says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Wes. I’ve added your blog to my ‘good reads’ list, since you obviously have such good taste. 🙂

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