This podcast is an “over the pond and through the fiber” audio recording of a Skype conversation between UK educator Joe Dale and US educator Wes Fryer on May 7, 2013. The topic of conversation was radio shows and audio podcasting, and specifically highlighted different apps and techniques for creating radio shows with mobile iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. Publication of this podcast was delayed by the migration of Wes’ blog to a new web host and his podcast files to Amazon S3. Please check the podcast shownotes for referenced links and resources.

Show Notes:

  1. Joe Dale on Twitter: @joedale
  2. Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom (Joe Dale’s educational blog)
  3. Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning: Joe Dale’s presentation on Classroom 2.0 Live on 12 January 2013
  4. Scroll down and click the Joe Dale – iPads for Learning tab in this amazing Classroom 2.0 Livebinder for links from that preso
  5. RUConnected? – An Ed Tech podcast by Jenny Ashby and Lois Smethurst
  6. Vocaroo: Online voice recorder
  7. iOS app: AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder ($5)
  8. iPadio audio example: Joe Dale’s class field trip to Brittany / Normandy
  9. iOS app: Voice Record Pro (free, unlimited recording length, multiple import/export options, can even export to camera roll!)
  10. Radio Show page of Mapping Media to the Common Core
  11. Narrated Art page of Mapping Media to the Common Core
  12. iOS app: Spreaker DJ (free, for iPad, free accounts can include 10 hours of audio)
  13. iOS app: Spreaker Radio and podcast recorder (free, for all iOS devices, same free hosting limits as above)
  14. Wes’ audio channel on Spreaker
  15. iOS app: AudioBoo (free, limited to 3 min unless you upgrade, great for individual podcast segments/spots)
  16. iOS app: Bossjock Studio ($10, 35 audio “carts” of clips to include, multiple import/export options, imports from GoodReader)
  17. iOS app: GarageBand for iOS ($5, multi-track podcast editing “up to 320 bars,” imports from GoodReader)
  18. iOS app: iPadio (free, runs on iPhone,  iPod Touch & iPad)
  19. iOS app: DropVox ($2, records directly to DropBox)
  20. iOS app: Rec Pad ($1)
  21. iOS app: Mobile Podcaster (free, for WordPress sites)
  22. iOS app: GoodReader ($5, allows downloading of audio from the web & subsequent “open in app..” to Bossjock and Garageband)
  23. How to copy & paste podcast audio from BossJack on iOS into GarageBand for iOS (3 min, 8 sec) – from “How to Create a Course Podcast with Dropbox in 5 Easy Steps” by Jason Rhode
  24. 20 minute video tutorial: Create a Multi-Track Radio Show (Podcast) with Audacity
  25. iTunes software (free)
  26. Audacity software (free)
  27. SoundCloud (great for podcast hosting, but free accounts are limited)
  28. Fuel for Educational Change Agents Podcast channel
  29. Follow Wesley on Twitter: @wfryer

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