This audio podcast is a recording of Jake Heister’s presentation on December 4, 2013, at the Interactive Learning Institute in Norman, Oklahoma, titled, “Going 1:1 – Planning for Success.” The ILI Conference is sponsored each year by the K-20 Center at the University of Oklahoma. The official session description was “Many well-intended 1:1 initiatives fall short of their potential due to lack of planning in a few key areas. This session will detail the planning process for our current implementation of a 1:1 Chromebook environment, tips for success, and lessons learned.” Although this description mentions Chromebooks specifically, Jake addresses planning issues for 1:1 projects applicable to all platforms and devices. This was an outstanding presentation, and one of the best the publisher (Wesley Fryer) has heard in the past five years about 1:1 computing initiatives. Please refer to the podcast shownotes for links to Jake’s slides as well as selective, republished tweets shared by @wfryer during Jake’s presentation. Follow Jake on Twitter: @jakeheister.

Show Notes:

  1. Jake Heister on Twitter: @jakeheister
  2. Google Presentation slides for Going 1:1 – Planning for Success
  3. Piedmont Public Schools, Oklahoma
  4. Blended Learning Implementation Guide (PDF) by @DigLearningNow
  5. Great 1:1 literature review by CASTLE & @mcleod for going 1:1 (PDF)
  6. “our ultimate goal in our district is to go 1:1 in grades 5-12”
  7. Chromebooks for Education Overview (2 minute video)
  8. “Chromebook challenge: Hard to get photos & videos INTO them. We bought Nexus7 tablets for checkout to address this”
  9. “We should have spent $5 more per case for our Chromebooks so they have more protection!”
  10. “Our students pay $40 user fee at the start of the year so they can take their Chromebooks home”
  11. “flexible Internet filtering policies are KEY for a successful 1:1 project – we must have differentiated filtering”
  12. “my job in our schools is to serve as a bridge between instruction/teaching/learning and the technology”
  13. Great use of YouTube screencasts to provide teacher  support!
  14. “with $30 per device management features of Chromebooks they are MUCH easier to manage than iPads”
  15. Friday Institute’s 1:1 Implementation Rubric is excellent

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