Thanks to recommendations from fantastic Chicago educators Carolyn Skibba and Jennie Magiera, the iPads in my classroom cart now have protective covers! These were VERY inexpensive and while not the most protective and padded cases on the market, they WERE very affordable and are MUCH better than the zero/zilch protection we had previously. I’m also very pleased with how easily they fit into my Bretford iPad Cart.

Since the numbers on the back of the iPads are no longer visible with the cases on, it’s important we have numbers as the iPad wallpaper to identify iPads. I’m using the shared wallpaper images Jennie referenced in her January 2012 post, “Some iPad Management Tips, Part 2!”

The specific cases we ordered are Cbus Flex-Gel iPad cases. They cost $5 each and come in a variety of colors from Amazon.

If you’ve got the funds, Jennie now recommends the Otterbox Defender iPad case instead.

Do you have a different iPad case you like that’s affordable and fits in a Bretford iPad Cart?

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