Videos about space have been some of my favorite things to share with 4th and 5th grade STEM students the past two years. Yesterday I added several new space video links to my STEM curriculum “Curiosity Links” page, which my friend Bill Casebeer shared with me this weekend. The first is a short film (just under 4 minutes long) called “Wanderers,” created by Swedish animator and digital artist, Erik Wernquist. (@erikwernquist) The film is narrated by Carl Sagan, and is a compelling and inspirational visual projection into the future of human exploration as well as colonization into space. It was published 8 months ago.

The second short video (3 minutes long) is titled “New Horizons,” and Erik created it on behalf of the National Space Society (@nss) to build awareness of the upcoming “New Horizons” NASA mission to Pluto. This is a VERY compelling video, and worth sharing with your students!

The video “Pluto in a Minute” from the official NASA New Horizons YouTube channel explains why scientists believe Pluto is red. NASA is posting short videos to this channel every day, providing a great way to stay up to date on the mission and to learn more about it. Also be sure to check out the website for updates!

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4 Responses to Amazing Animated Space Films: Wanderers and New Horizons

  1. Brittany Slay says:

    I think these videos are great! I think space is very interesting as well, and there are a lot of fun projects to do with students about space. I will definitely keep these videos in mind when I have students of my own some day.

  2. Krystal Taylor says:

    Thank you for sharing the videos! As a future educator, they will be very useful to me!

  3. Robert Weatherford says:

    Very cool videos! I love watching educational space videos and look forward to showing them in my classroom.

  4. jackjones says:

    Nice videos i found these videos very interesting for students those who want to learn creatively.

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