This evening our middle daughter, Sarah, sang “What is this Feeling” from the musical Wicked at our church‘s talent show. I gave my parents in Kansas and sister in Missouri a heads up via SMS about 30 minutes before that I was going to share this on Periscope, and they were able to tune in and watch it live! Unfortunately for some reason, however, the saved Periscope video on my iPhone wasn’t rotated properly as a landscape/horizontal video. I have my Periscope app set to save videos locally (an important setting) and both the Periscope archive (available for 24 hours) and the Katch archive (available forever or until Katch goes offline) rotate the video for correct laptop/desktop browser viewing. If you use Periscope or Meerkat, I definitely recommend registering for free on and setting up your account to auto-archive your broadcasts as well as auto-tweet out the link to the archive once it’s ready. I wanted to post tonight’s video to YouTube, but needed to rotate it and then trim it slightly so it starts right when the singing begins. I used these two apps on my iPhone to do this:

  1. Rotate & Flip (free)
  2. YouTube Capture (free)

I could have captured a higher resolution version of this performance if I’d just used my iPhone camera, but it was cool to share it live with our family. The video quality of the saved archive, even though it had to be rotated and rendered again, seems fine. I’m thankful the LTE cellular signal is strong and fast at our church so Periscope broadcasts work fine there. I’ve only broadcast on Periscope seven times since I setup my Katch archive, but each time I’ve been pleased with the results. It appeared the controls in Periscope had rotated for a landscape video recording tonight, so I’m not sure if I need to adjust something in the app settings or if this is just how the app functions. If you have tips or suggestions on this, please let me know.

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