One of our teachers loves to share photos he takes of students working in class using Picasa on his classroom Google Site. He’s been using Picasa for years, but unfortunately all of the sharing options (like photo slideshows) from Picasa don’t work on smartphones like iPhones. I think this is because some of them are shared with Flash, which doesn’t work in the Safari browser for iOS – You have to install an alternate browser like Puffin if you want to view Flash content. He asked for my suggestions on a workaround for this, and here is what I emailed him today:

I think I found a workaround you can use. My iPhone didn’t directly show the photo album from your Google Site that Picasa made either, but there is a link you could add below your slideshow like this:
Here are the steps:

1. On a laptop or desktop computer, visit the Google Sites page which has the Picasa photo slideshow. In this example I’ll use the page:

2. Mouse over the slideshow and click the Picasa icon in the lower right corner of the embed window:

3. On the page that is displayed, click on the NAME of the Picasa photo slideshow. In this case the name is “posters.”

4. Copy the link on the webpage which is displayed. This is the link you want to add to your Google Site for parents and other visitors to click if they are using a smartphone:

5. Here are 2 screenshots taken with my iPhone, after I clicked on that link. It works on the smartphone!


If these instructions are helpful to you, please let me know via a comment here or a tweet to @wfryer.

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