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by Wesley A. Fryer
Last Updated Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This website is maintained for K-16 educators interested in the effective use of technology in the classroom. An accompanying column to this website is published in the TechEdge, the Technology and Education Newsletter of the Texas Computer Education Association. Many are also reprinted with permission by Technology and Learning Magazine, for whom I servde as the "IT guy" in the past. (Don't let that scare you though, I am still a classroom teacher at heart!) All articles I have written relating to educational technology, regardless of the print publisher, are included in my article archive.

Hot off the press!"Mobile Digital Storytelling"

In the context of digital storytelling, a variety of tools are available which permit learners of all ages to constructively share their voices and perspectives via the Internet using free website tools, readily available technologies like cell phones, and relatively affordable commercial hardware tools like portable audio recorders. This article explores several options for mobile digital storytelling.

All my updated workshop resources are available on

Descriptions of my presentation and workshop sessions are available on Most of my presentations are published as podcasts on my blog:

Clarification on Copyright Issues for Educators (Responses to reader questions from my Winter 2003 TechEdge article, reprinted in June by Technology and Learning magazine.)

My Tools and Techniques page includes content from my older Technology Integration workshops included in 14 categories..

Notes from conference sessions I attended before I started blogging

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Other Resources for Educators:

An overview of "Pretty Good Privacy" (PGP) software and instructions for using it to send encrypted email are available.

Info about different school computer lab management software options is available, along with recommended install steps for NetOp School software.

Links for educators wanting to buy a computer for home use are available.

Technology Idea ExchangeThe TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE contains several FAQs (frequently asked questions) for educators relating to technology. Educators all over Texas and the United States have submitted questions relating to educational technology. Read the answers to their questions, and submit your own questions and answers.

Browse these resources online from other sources:

"For those of us who passionately defend the Macintosh, it's not simply a matter of clockspeed. It's about quality, intelligent interfacing, innovation, and individuality. If you take the time to learn both major platforms, you can get similar results in the end. The Macintosh is, however, much more efficient. It is better engineered. It is more reliable. How many people do you hear speaking passionately about their PC's...........or any product for that matter?"


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