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Photos from Baghdad, email from Central Asia

Receiving email from close friends working in Baghdad and Georgia (in Central Asia) this week really drives home the reality of our GLOBAL VILLAGE…

Last weekend I received an email from an Air Force Academy roommate, classmate and good friend. As an Air Force Reservist in OSI (The Office of Special Investigations) he is on temporary assignment to Baghdad, Iraq. He emailed his first update about the conditions there, along with photos of his living quarters (a tent,) a pictures of him armed to the teeth with a laser sighted M-16 and 9 mm — both alone and with his fellow OSI agents. We exchanged a few emails the next day, and I marveled how amazing it was to be working here in Lubbock, Texas, and communicating instantaneously over the internet with my good friend in Iraq. I forwarded those photos to another Academy friend, who is currently teaching at the Academy in Colorado Springs. Much to my surprise, I received an email from him on Tuesday, but from Tibilisi, Georgia– in formerly Soviet controlled Central Asia. He and a fellow officer had just driven to Tibilisi from Baku, Azerbaijan. Is that amazing or what? Yes, the global village is real! I know that and have known that, but sometimes experiences have a way of hitting you over the head with a concept…. 🙂

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