This week I will start a multi-week teaching session at my church on “Christian Digital Storytelling.”

Since attending the Digital Media Academy’s session on Digital Storytelling in July 2004, I have been wanting to utilize some of my newly acquired digital video skills at my home church in evangelism. On October 20th, 2004, I will be starting a multi-week class for adults on “Christian Digital Storytelling.”

I have posted a short video explaining what I consider digital storytelling to be, and its potential role in 21st century Christian evangelism. Additionally, I created a short video about how God brought Shelly, my wife, into my life and the ways we have both been blessed as a result.

I am very excited about this opportunity to teach and work in the church, and am hopeful that this endeavor will prove rewarding for not only myself but many others who will be involved. I think this is exactly the type of activity in which members of the 21st century Christian church should be involved.

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