Can blogs can be even more interesting with photos? I guess we will find out! 

I have added a new feature to my primary blog, a Flickr badge. This webpage element, now viewable on the right navigational sidebar of all my blog postings since April 2005, links to photos posted on my free Flickr account ( using Macromedia Flash technology. That may sound like fancy techospeak, but what it really means is that I copied and pasted some webpage code into my blog software, and now my latest public photos are web-viewable.

I am quite enthused to have figured this out, since my new Motorola V551 cell phone has the capability to not only take digital photos, but also immediately webpost them via email.

Wikipedia defines a “moblog” as a blog that “consists of content posted to the Internet from a mobile or portable device, such as a cellular phone or PDA. Moblogs generally involve technology which allows publishing from a mobile device.” Since I am using iBlog software to publish my primary blog instead of a server-based service like, I think using a Flickr badge is the most dynamic way for me to web-link my Flickr photos. So, technically using a “Flickr badge” may not be equivalent to creating a moblog, but functionally it is very similar.

Both RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds for my Flickr photostream are available, however, and I think this qualifies as a moblog!

Next week when I attend Apple Distinguished Educator workshops in California, I plan to webpost several photos to this Flickr photostream both from my cellphone as well as directly from iPhoto! 

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