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Garageband tips

A great ADE pullout session from Marco

– one of the reasons Marco started using media in the classroom was because it was a language to help students soar and fly
– weakness in multimedia was in audio
– remember “smartsound”, don’t want music for old folks homes or porn
– so they have permission from actual artists with permission to use their
– started working with eMagic guys before Apple acquired them
– a song from his kids is actually being used in the new Batman film
– Marco is not a musician by profession, learned by going online
– remixing has taught him a lot
— learned about what keys things are written in

GarageBand is a fully functioning

Go to a music store and get a pamphlet on basic chord progressions for guitar and piano
– Marco made PDF copies for us

when you are looping it, drag it to the measure bar
– when you want to loop it, drag your mouse up to the top (upper right part of loop)
– change tempo
– hiphop: 80-100

After you record, click “align to 1/16” or whatever to fix

recommends keeping music simple, 2 tracks can be plenty

can transfer knowledge from iMovie to Garageband
– you can build your songs just with loops

You can get loops just for cinematic movies
– bought it through the Apple store, through MAudio
– .Mac account also gives you a lot of extra loops, does take up a lot of space

Blue instruments are WAV or AIF files that you cannot change the instrument on
Green instruments are MIDI which you can change instruments

comparable software on PC side is “visual performer” which is commercial software

there are some programs that will convert your garageband songs so you can print them (not cheap)

get an interface, because if you just import with USB you get a delay
– USB devices
– this is a digital audio interface, can get one from radio shack for $20

GET Ken Johnson’s card from MAudio at vendor fair coming up

Can record in audio, then double click tranform, can do vocal transformations!
– timings do not change!

In scary movies, usually in large houses, sounds echo
– so you do lots of reverbs and echos

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