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iPod Palooza notes

Notes on iPod use in educatioin from ADE 2005 Summer Institute (Tue 12 Jul 05)

A repeat performance of the iPod preso from NECC tonight!
– podcasting event at NECC was standing room only
– ADE Podcast: 23,000 hits on ADE podcast site in first week
– 12 GB per day downloaded through Podcast feed
– Hands-on iPod/Podcasting sessions
— standing room only
— expected to engage 100 educators, actual was 250

Think of the iPod as a platform, a way of consuming content

Why iPod in Education
– mobile
– easy to use
– high capacity sotrage
– long battery life

iPod and Learning
– foreign languages
– sound-seeing tours
– voice memos
– interviews
– speeches
– podcasts
– test preparation
– professional development
– supplemental textbook materials

Have sold over 15 million iPods
– have 76% marketshare of all mp3 devices
– just consolidated iPod line
– all top end iPods have color screens (no more iPod photo as title)
– taken 3 years to reach 490 million songs
– will hit next 500 million in the next year (this is exponential growth)

Now we have podcasting integrated into iTunes
– over 3000 free podcasts

What is podcasting
– the next generation of radio
– delivered over the internet
– from talk shows to sports
– radio-style programs
– subscribe and download
– listen whenever and whatever

you can push content including PDF files, video, links, etc within iTunes

Going to do a year-round ADE podcast channel
– using this as a way of distributing high quality content via ADE

We used to be thinking that audio was so 1900s!
– audio rocks!

Presentation by Barnaby Wasson
– Digital Media and Instructional Technologies
– Arizona State University
– ADE Class of 2003
– 2005 NECC ADE Podcast Team

We went to that event to walk the talk
1- ensure that people attending that conference walked away with an enriched experience
2- help those that could not attend benefit from it
3- treat this as a testbed

Missouri Journalism school have used podcasting

content developed by teachers and students around the world
– about content they find of interest and of use
– podcasts defined: like ipod and broadcast

TiVo for the iPod = podcasting
– think of podcasting like magazine subscriptions
– you just subscribe to the things of interest to YOU (it addresses your needs)
– podcasts have the ability to share ANY type of content

Podcasting is the coolest / hottest thing to hit education

Current practices
– special events
– language development
– soundseeing tours
– museum tours
– lectures
– tutorials
– school newspapers
– assessment / quizes

How it works
– up to now, it has worked….
– a year ago the notion of podcasting was not there
– now we have somewhere around 8000 podcasting channels
– this used to just be used by super geeks
– if it had RSS 2.0 format

RSS allows you to grab content that exists on the internet to bring it to you
– an internet aggregator

again, TiVo for the iPod

The magic that happens when the content goes to your iPod
– now just like you can watch a TV program anytime you want to, the iPod now gives you the ability to change the place
– you can choose WHEN and WHERE you want to listen to the content

My thought: this is really true, and very cool

it is time and place shifted

Have been lots of aggregators all over the place
– his daughter says he is a podcast pusher

iTunes 4.9 comes out: it’s Apple easy now
– the fact that corporate America is not only so in tune with users, but trying to assist them with their needs, is huge
– in about 60 days, Apple turned around and created the best aggregator around

can now embed iamges too for the podcast
– showed clicking on the chapter, image shows up full screen
– walked around Philadelphia with an exceptional historian, picked out just some of the best locations, dropped in images and chapter markers

Anytime, anyplace learning: just pick your spot

How to participate

Currently there are about 14 active directories on podcasts
– is a great one on educational podcasts
– Podcasting education

Create a blogger account, then create an account on audioblogger
– call and record, use feedburner to podcast (Feedburner is the RSS component, ties it into iTunes)

It took us 15 minutes to do these steps,

In 30 seconds after podcasting, it shows up in her blogger account

Where are we going in the future?
– historical reenactments
– science field notebooks
– interactive journals
– GPS enhanced trips
– support networks
– student publishing
– online collaborative projects

No limit for people posting their podcast on the iTunes site

Are recording on the same device that NPR recorders are using
– has 2 XLR connectors
– they are about $500

Both mp3 and the audiobook formats are supported on iTunes podcasts

You can now, already push video content or anything else through iTunes

Search for “Saavy Technologists” as another good example of podcast by Tim

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