Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Prescriptions for 21st Century Intentional Living

1- Go to bed early, get plenty of sleep.
2- Exercise and floss daily.
3- Schedule unscheduled time in your calendar each week, preferably along with members of your immediate family.
4- Watch television sparingly. Use available technology to select and time-shift access to worthwhile video and audio content.
5- Go outside often and stay in touch with the natural world. Force your children, grandchildren, and other young people in your care to do the same.
6- Read at least a little bit in a paper-based book every day.
7- Spend time each day in prayer and meditatation.
8- Remember that spending time building relationships is the most important task of your day. Operationalize this perception by not taking phone calls or working on other things when meeting individually with someone else.
9- Regularly unplug from all technology (phones, computers, games, even electricity at times) and take the opportunity to engage in dialog and non-digital interactions with real people. This “phone ban” includes times when you are eating a meal with someone else.
10- Declare a periodic “snow day” every month or two, preferably along with members of your immediate family.

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