What a disappointment our Texas legislature is. 🙁

One of the most basic reasons we have state governments is to provide public education for our children. The fact that our legislature failed in the regular session, in the 1st special session, and now in the 2nd special session of summer 2005 to pass new school reform legislation or a school refinance reform bill is absolutely ridiculous. We elect our representatives and senators to serve the public interest, and this year, they have all failed miserably.

In response to the question posted by Wednesday’s article “Capitol waits, wonders: Will voters forgive school flop?” in the Austin paper, I would answer with a resounding “No, we will not!” In the next election, let’s all resolve right now to absolutely, positively NOT vote for any incumbents. Kick them all out. Voters should send a loud and clear message that we are NOT pleased with the lack of courage, responsibility, and civic duty reflected by the legislature’s inaction in this term, particularly in the House which failed to initiate and pass a finance reform bill which only it could offer.

We have had 36 years of debate, lawsuits, finger-pointing and inaction on the issue of school finance reform in Texas. The first Edgewood case was started in 1969. What a sad chapter in US political and judicial history this has been. That is one year longer than I have been alive. So for my entire life, Texan legislators and judges have been unable to resolve this fundamental issue of equity and public interest. For those who wonder why so many are cynical about the ability of our political system to effect meaningful change, no case could offer more flammable fuel for the fire.

When are our next elections? They won’t come soon enough for me. Let’s elect a new slate of representatives who have the integrity, courage, and fortitude to stand up to business special interests and act in the best interest of Texas students, teachers, and parents.

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