I stumbled onto this on Doug Johnson’s website this evening, from a link provided by Ian Jukes. I love this, I think I will post it on my door tomorrow:

Internet Serenity Prayer

Technologist, grant me…
?the Serenity to accept that not everything can be found on the Internet…
?the Courage to go to the Library…
?and the Wisdom to evaluate the information I do find.

Doug’s “Why I Write For Publication” piece is also worth reading. On a “mission from God?” Yep. I am too.

Doug’s blog (Blue Skunk Blog) is available at http://dougj.edublogs.org/. His posts about reading software and review of “The Power of Reading: Insights into the Research” lead me to immediately conclude we are kindred spirits when it comes to education, learning, and educational technology. Perhaps Doug is, like me, an advocate for Luddite Literacy?

How many educators in your school or area regularly worship at the altar of Accelerated Reader, and force others in their charge to do the same? Why is this done with such regularity, when (according to Krashen, author of The Power of Reading) there is “no evidence they [programs like Accelerated Reader] improve reading achievement or attitudes towards reading.”???

Good question. Isn’t it interesting how good teachers always have a knack for asking those good questions and encouraging us to search for answers? Thanks Doug.

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One Response to Internet Serenity Prayer, great reasons to write

  1. Doug Johnson says:

    Hi Wesley,

    Thanks for the nice comments. I appreciate them. One knows when one has written, but never when one has been read!

    All the best and keep up the good fight!


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