I was thrilled this morning to read an email that my iDisk storage capacity has been increased to 1 gigabyte. By logging into .Mac and clicking on my account settings, I was able to reallocate the 1 gigabyte of storage capacity between my .Mac email (which I just forward to another account but don’t actually use) and my iDisk storage. Here is a graph showing my previous allocation, you can see that currently I have 187 MB (or approx 0.187 GB) of “stuff” on my iDisk:

idisk image1

By changing the account settings, I have reallocated this storage to maximize the iDisk space available:

idisk image2

A .Mac account costs $100 per year, but I view it as worth it mainly because:

– It is so easy to publish photos to the web straight from iPhoto
– It is very easy to password protect photos to limit access

There are certainly many free online photo services that let you do similar things (Flickr being my favorite now) but I am sticking with .Mac for the above reasons– and because they now provide a gig of storage! I use my .Mac webspace mainly for family photos that have limited access, but my Flickr account has public photos that anyone can access and use if desired.

Now I just need to find some time to create and publish new iMovies to take advantage of all this extra storage space!

Flickr does, btw, provide links to a variety of uploading tools for both Windows and Mac systems that let you upload photos faster. The Flickr plugin for iPhoto is good, but still not quite as robust as the .Mac publishing options. Plus, now that Yahoo bought Flickr, the numbers of albums you can have on a free Flickr account is limited to just 3… I haven’t upgraded to Flickr Pro yet, I may in the future tho…..

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