Open source software is THE FUTURE for many of the world’s computer users, especially in places without lots of extra money laying around. (Hey, does that leave any schools anywhere out?!)

Mexico is on board nationally with this official government website on open source technologies ( To see a translation of this page in English, try this version from Babelfish.

This article (translated into English) indicates the Brazilian move to open source is being hampered by implementation issues as well as pressures from Microsoft. Well, isn’t that just amazing?! Microsoft opposing the international open source movement….

As educators committed to opening doors for our students that lead to a brighter tomorrow, I do not see how ANYONE can be opposed to the dramatic expansion of open source technologies. I had a great talk today with someone at our church who recently returned from a mission trip to Belize. The need for expanding access to information technologies is pressing everywhere. What is the current status of the MIT $100 laptop initiative? I hope to find out in upcoming weeks, perhaps in an interview I am working on for my podcast.

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project is something all educators with an interest in digital literacy and information technologies need to support and generate awareness for. This article from September 7th indicates another company (Brightstar) is providing financial support for OLPC.

Thanks to Mia Garlick of Creative Commons for this original article lead!

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