EndNote Workshop: Researcher’s Bibliography Tools
Heide Mansouri
TTU Teaching Learning and Technology Center Shortcourse
6 October 2005

These are my typed notes I took during the workshop.

Access the handouts (requires TTU eRaider login):

Endnote is
– an electronic bibliography and manuscript maker program
– provides a way to search online bibliographic databases and importing the references directly into EndNote
– It formats citations, figures, and tables in MS Word with the “Cite While You Write” (CWYW) feature, available with Word 2000, XP, and 2003 (as of June 05)
– Endnote available for Windows and Mac
– Works with most word processing programs
– Not all features are accessible while working in Word
– Yan connect to any data source worldwide

Can download Endnote for free and use it for 1 month before purchasing

Using the EndNote Manual
– from start, click program
– is online in PDF format
– Can use the index at the end of the PDF file to go to part of the manual you want
– You can also search full text, use the button at the top that looks like binoculars at the top
– Note that many words are hyperlinked in the
– In PDF file, use the hand tool to move up and down in the document

My thought: I need to learn how to make PDF files just like this PDF manual for my own dissertation, it is such a user friendly way to access content. Also I need to do this

A data file is created whenever you make an entry into endnote
– when you are moving your files and backing up, make sure you also move your Endnote data files!

.enl is the automatic extension for endnote file

EndNote terminologies
– Boolean operators when you are narrowing a search: And, Or, Not
– Connection files: endnote files used to connect and search on my databases (can connect to Health Sciences center card catalog, since they have the connection files installed – can’t connect to TTU library yet – can connect to a LOT of university library catalogs)
– 2 free library catalogs are free: library of congress and another one that is medically related, some others you have to pay
– Data file
– Database
– Field: column in the data table
– Filter
– Library
– Output style: APA, MLA, Chicago, CBE, etc. (there are like 35 different styles)
– Record: horizontal row in the data
– References
– Reference types: could be a book, journal, website, etc.

Can press F1 to get to the built-in help menu in Endnote
– for example: search for manuscript templates
– use templates already created that puts all the information in the right place for you

SAVE A COPY is a choice under the file menu
– this copies both the library and the data file (data file has extension .data)

Save a copy saves data file and library together
– Export option is when you want to send this to someone
– I am not sure I understand right now the difference between SAVE AS COPY and EXPORT options

Under EDIT – OUTPUT STYLES you can choose the style of the output, which is previewed in a lower pane window by default

From the EDIT menu you can also create new connection files

Under TOOLS – CONNECT you can choose to connect to different libraries
– for example the LOC or Georgia Tech
– also can connect for MIT

Just drag and drop references you find that you want to save into your endnote library

We are now going to work with an example library included with Endnote

c:\program files\endnote 9\examples

If you are creating the library, you may want to edit an entry
– if it comes from another library, then it is probably already accurate and does not need to be edited
– sort search results by clicking on the top column to sort by author, year, etc
– type a letter when sorted by that field (like author) to go immediately to the first record starting with that letter

Under Endnote Preferences, go to the last choice (OpenURL) and click the checkbox to “Enable OpenURL” – then you will be able to directly click hyperlinks in Endnote records
– on the DISPLAY FIELDS option, you can change the default fields showin the library window

When you are opening a path in endnote and you need to use a space in a URL address, use:


instead of a space

To add a new entry, from the REFERENCES choose NEW REFERENCE
– press TAB key to move to the next field
– to add more authors and go to the 2nd line, press the enter key
– do the capitalization correctly because EndNote will not fix that
– also, spell check will not check everything in EndNote consider typing this in Word for this reason

Best thing to do is using an EndNote template!

Can include link to PDF file
– my thought: I need to publish PDF versions of my TechEdge articles to the Internet Archive (www.archive.org) and then create library entries for these, including PDF file references

Ideas for TCEA Presentations:
– Flat World Education: How Universal Access is Changing Teaching and Learning
– Podcasting without Barriers: Free Software, Free Hosting, Free Publishing Tools

Currently TTU does NOT have a site license for EndNote software
-student version is around $90
– full version is around $140
– Through Purdue as a student it is $10

– if you want to print, remember you have to select the records first!!!

To put into Word:
– Use the wizard to create your document
– Use buttons to jump back and forth between Word and Endnote
– Search for a record in your endnote library, then insert it in word, it will insert the bibliographic citation and the full reference at the end, formatted properly

You can also create your own templates and save them

More info:
– an index in alphabetical order of library catalogs online available via Endnote is on http://www.loc.gov/z3950/

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3 Responses to EndNote Workshop: Researcher’s Bibliography Tools

  1. Pia Tobias says:

    EnNote is ok if you’ve got the money to pay for a license, but there are other alternative products for students and academics that use APA style or Harvard style. One software product which I use is called Inflight Referencer. It is affordable and too does APA, Harvard style referencing, citations and bibliographies, but also allows you to store and organize research articles.

    You can find more information on it at http://www.inflightTM.com/ref

    Referencer also allows you to insert citations into documents as you type as well. So it achieves a lot for substantially less. There are also free software licenses for educational institutions, this info can be found at http://license.inflightTM.com

  2. Charlene says:

    InFlight looks interesting, but unfortunately does not support the Macintosh platform.

  3. Julie Quinn says:

    Hopefully the next version they make is Apple compatible because it looks like a promising software product.

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