1001 is a desktop flickr client currently in beta for Mac OS X. Really amazing. You can access photo streams of your existing Flickr contacts and groups, but also add custom photo streams for tags you want to track. This is immensely powerful. Using RSS, this is “pull” technology in action for photostreams.

The program monitors photostreams and tells you when one or more have been updated, you can click right on a photo to go to that person’s Flickr page, set the image as your desktop background immediately, or click “Blog This” and choose the custom size to including in a new blog post using Ecto, which I use as my primary WordPress blogging client.

This is an example, which is a design concept of the $100 laptop being developed now at MIT for shipment in late 2006 or 2007:

$100 Laptop - open

(100laptop, hundreddollarlaptop, mitmedialabs, designcontinuum)

$100 Laptop – open” by mechum

You can also choose to have 1001 set and rotate random images from your subscribed photostreams as desktop background images. This makes 1001 an ideal program to install on a digital picture frame that has rotating images. You set the time delay. If I could afford a reasonably large plasma display or computer LCD screen that I could mount on the wall of my home, I would love to setup an old G3 computer we have laying around with 1001 to download updated Flickr images from photostreams I specify. This would be a Ceiva picture frame on steroids, without any recurring monthly costs. I may have to work on this…..

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