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Dropload is a free webservice that answers the problem of needing to transfer large files to other people over the Internet. If you have ever had someone email you a large attachment, or tried to do this yourself, you know how frustrating it can be for mail servers to impose attachment file size limits and people’s inboxes to fill up and be unable to receive files.

If you have direct access to a webserver, you can move files there as compressed zip archives and share a download web address with others. Unfortunately, not many people have that access.

So, Dropload offers a solution. After signing up, upload any file up to 100 MB in size, and then you’ll be able to email anyone you want the download link so they can get your “stuff” within 7 days. After that the file is deleted from the server. Pretty cool idea. And free! 🙂

Another method that is also free is using an Instant Messaging client to do a direct file transfer. Problem is, both the person sending the file and the person receiving the file have to be online at the same time to use this IM option. With dropload, the transfer is asynchronous, which is much more flexible. And multiple people can downlaod the same file, and you just have to upload it once.

Thanks to one of my favorite blog readers, AHF, for sending me this tip via Kim Komando! 🙂

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