For the second time this fall, the Texas Computer Education Association has rejected an article I have written and submitted about educational technology. I have been a regular columnist for TCEA since the fall of 1997, with an article published in every issue of the TechEdge (37 articles to date.) These are all archived online on my website “Tools for the TEKS: Integrating Technology in the Classroom.” Before this fall, I have never had an article rejected for publication by the TechEdge.

I am disappointed at this to say the least, but perhaps not surprised. In this second article particularly, I am speaking from the heart about issues that really matter to educators, students, parents, and for our public education system in Texas– and I am very consciously making strong statements that are politically contentious.

The first article TCEA refused to print, “Blogging the Conference,” I took offline because I wanted to seek publication of it in another magazine, and some do not allow prior web publication. To date this article has not been published anywhere.

The second article TCEA refused to print is titled “Digital Curriculum and The Last Mile: Providing Curricular Flexibility and Limitless Bandwidth.” It is still available online.

I was given the option to rewrite the article or submit another one on a different topic. Certainly this article is the most politically strident one I have written to date for TCEA. I am going to write a new article from scratch about a less contentious topic and submit it for the Spring TechEdge, but am not sure yet what I am going to do with this one that was rejected.

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2 Responses to 2nd rejected TechEdge article

  1. Rod Vann says:

    I was fascinated to hear about this. I wonder is they would allow you to print a sterile version with a link to another site with your accompanying opinions. Whenever I hear about an instance like this I assume it is that the opinion is not shared/liked/politically correct. It certainly makes me want to know what your opinion was!

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    The original article is online at:

    I acknowledge I do need to do additional research to find support for several of the assertions I made in the article. I will likely work on this further in early 2006 and see if I can find an alternative publisher for the piece.

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