Doug Johnson’s “Teaching Students Right from Wrong in the Digital Age: A Technology Ethics Primer” (PDF) is an excellent resource for 21st century educators. He is the author of the book “Learning Right from Wrong in the Digital Age: An Ethics Guide for Parents, Teachers, Librarians, and Others Who Care About Computer-Using Young People.”

In the free 29 page PDF handout linked above, Johnson addresses issues of privacy, property, and appropriate use for students and educators. He also includes ethics questionnaires that can be used with students, along with the guide “CHEATING and How To Avoid It.” The main thing I see missing from Johnson’s handout is a discussion of Creative Commons, which teachers, students and administrators need familiarity with in the context of intellectual property and digital ethics issues.

Johnson is also the author “The Indispensable Librarian : Surviving (And Thriving) in School Media Centers in the Information Age.”

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