The January 2006 National Geographic article “Genocide Unearthed” is both sobering and eye-opening. From the Armenian genocide of 1915 through the slaughter of Bosnians and ongoing genocide in the Sudan, an appalling 50 million people were “systematically murdered” in the 20th Century.

Unfortunately the graph “Century of Death” on page 30 of the print magazine is not included in the current online version of the article. (It is credited to The Strassler Family Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University.) This visual puts many things in perspective. I had no idea Mao killed 30 million human beings in China, although I do remember studying the “Great Leap Forward” at some point in a college history class.

Prevent Genocide International is an organization whose website has numerous educational materials relating to historical genocides. Unfortunately many of the links to the first person accounts of the Armenian genocie I tried to visit were broken, hopefully those are not representative of the site as a whole. I did find working links to 1st person survivor accounts on the Armeniapedia.

When students today are doing research, they should be focusing on issues that are of local as well as global interest. Genocide certainly fits in this latter category.

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