I just finished the most amazing experience of my brief lifetime using educational technology. Darren Kuropatwa in Canada, Ewan McIntosh in Scotland, along with Miguel Guhlin and I in the United States all had an hour long skype conversation discussing some critical questions relating to web 2.0. I have just put the recorded skype conversation together as a podcast/skypecast, and it is exporting to mp3 format as I write this at 12:20 am. I should have this web-posted in about 20 more minutes. Ewan is planning on sharing this at a workshop he is conducting today in Scotland. Amazing.

Web 2.0 is transformative. This skypecast is proof. No, use of educational technologies like these is not common yet, but it is on the horizon and moving fast. (Moving at the speed of creativity, I think.) We have truly entered a new age of idea sharing and interaction, and it is quite a thrill to be living in 2006. Thanks to Darren, Ewan and Miguel for sharing their ideas and passion in tonight’s (or for Ewan this morning’s) skypecast.

We used an interactive wiki to plan and schedule this skypecast. We conducted the conversation using free Skype software, and I recorded our session using the $30 shareware program Audio Hijack Pro. Editing and exporting of the podcast was done using the free, open source software program Audacity. I published this to the Internet Archive (free web hosting for audio files) using Creative Commons Publisher, a free cross-platform tool.

Please join in the conversation by adding to our planning and idea wiki, hopefully we’ll do this again and take on the original questions 4 and 5 from our planned agenda! Next time we hope to include recorded audio comments from others in the blogsphere. If you’d like to send in a comment for next time, our primary questions will be:

  • Will corporate interests (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc) overpower the energy of web 2.0 technologies in their drive to monetize the Internet?
  • How much should our enthusiasm for web 2.0, technology specifically and modernism in general be tempered by the “costs” we hear and know about regarding globalism?

You can email audio comments to wesfryer at pobox dot com. Alternatively, you can leave input as comments here or on the podcast posting, which will be online momentarily! 🙂

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2 Responses to Amazed by Skype and Web 2.0

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for making this available to Scots who didn’t get up at 4am!

  2. carol hunt says:

    So glad to see others are excited by this new way of conversing. As communication is breaking down at a local level it is reinventing itself globally. I had no idea what Web 2.0 meant but now have some knowledge thanks to your blog – i would like to think that i am playing a part in this second stage although an infant as yet. I have recently written a short piece on embracing technology and creativity v conformity http://huntsofwarlingham.blogspot.com/ I would appreciate your comments
    Stay positive

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