Several web 2.0 tools are available which can aggregate content from different podcast RSS feeds together into a single “podcast feed river.” I don’t know of that is a recognized term or not, but I think it communicates the idea well. Think of separate podcasts as smaller streams which feed into a larger river. Students or anyone else can subscribe to that aggregated feed river, instead of separately subscribing to each feed.

Gigadial: The Podstation Factory is one free option. According to their website:

GigaDial is a new approach to radio programming. You can use it to create and subscribe to podcast-powered stations composed of individual episodes from your favorite podcasters. To subscribe, browse the list of recently updated stations below, or the list of all stations, and then point your podcatcher at the station feed, linked from the XML button on each station’s page.

Sue Lister brought this to my attention in a comment on my post “Higher Ed Podcast Purposes & Examples” last month. She has used Gigadial to create a podcast feed river of different higher education podcast examples.

RSSMix is another free website service that can be used in a similar way, except that instead of mixing specific podcast episodes it aggregates everything in the RSS feed. (This can include podcast feeds or “regular” blog feeds (those without enclosures.)

Do you know of any other web services that create free podcast river feeds?

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