I have spent quite a few hours this afternoon and evening updating my curriculum vitae. At long last I have formatted all my publications (more or less) in an APA style format, which will hopefully be received better by hiring committee members at UNT, Eastern Washington, Seattle Pacific, and Simon Fraser University than my previous version was by Stanford and the University of Washington. I did a lot of other reformatting also, rewording and moving my grant work higher on the vitae, adding new pubs and presentations, deleting stuff that seemed unnecessary, etc.

Hunting and applying for academic jobs is time consuming, and unfortunately I have not been giving this important task much time lately. My current metaphor for how I have been doing on both dissertation work and job hunt work in the past few weeks is, “I’ve been treading water, but I’m about to move back into the lap lane.”

In addition to making lots of edits, I also used the spellcheck in Dreamweaver to try and insure I won’t embarrass myself with a silly typo on my vitae. I was struck at how spellcheck really can reveal the pace of change in technology and learning through identified new vocabulary words. I’m using Dreamweaver 2004 MX, which is pretty current, but these are all words it didn’t know:

  • podcast
  • podcasting
  • blog
  • blogging
  • skype
  • QuickTime
  • transmediation
  • literacies
  • web 2.0
  • iLife
  • iPhoto
  • iMovie
  • GarageBand

1:1 and H.323 did not come up on the spellcheck because of the punctuation I think, but those are pretty new terms in our lexicon too, I think.

Lots of new terms and concepts. I guess I shouldn’t be, but I am still surprised how many people (including faculty members) I run into that are not familiar with terms like web 2.0, the read/write web, or Creative Commons. I wrote my latest TechEdge article on Creative Commons for that reason.

No single person can keep up with all these changes. But that is why the blogsophere is so important! Only through collaboration and sharing can we hope to thrive in the 21st century knowledge landscape.

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