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One Laptop per Child website

The MIT led One Laptop per Child initiative has launched a new website, The site includes a map showing countries where OLPC plans to pilot their project (green), countries that have expressed interest in the project at the ministry of education level or higher (orange), and those countries who are seeking governmental support (yellow):

As a geography major in college, I have always “been into” geography and geographic representations of ideas and concepts. Don’t you think this map is much more communicative and powerful than just the statement, “7 countries have been identified to pilot the OLPC project?!”

The future of education is 1:1 learning with wireless, mobile technology devices… Is your school district preparing for this technology-immersed future?! The kids are going to be ready. (They are actually ready today and were ready yesterday.) The tough question is, will our teachers be ready? Today, most are not. And that is a formidable challenge we must step up to address.

Thanks to Jeff Allen for posting this link.

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