Whoa, this just keeps getting more amazing and powerful. Google Earth is now available in 3D for many locales, you can do fly-throughs of areas like New York City.

And you can also access web-based Google Mars to tour the red planet. The geniuses at Google are working on a version that will work with the Google Earth client and provide customized 3D flythroughs also like this one through Valles Marineris. Except you won’t be watching a movie in the Google version, you’ll be “driving.”

These images are rendered on the fly over the web, for both Google Earth and Google Mars. Just a few years, you would have had to access very expensive and very large computer systems to do this. Now you can use your laptop or desktop computer.

Wow. 🙂

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  1. […] … and finally, Wesley Freyer posted about it. Google Mars and 3D earth (Via Moving at the Speed of Creativity.) But I guess I’m showing up later than Wesley even… but we did integrate this into our presentations at the OCDE straight away – in time for a presentation at CUE on March 11th even. 🙂 […]

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