I just discovered Google’s blog search engine, which is also integrated within Blogger. I have heard about this before I guess, but never actually visited the site and tried it. Since Google Blog Search doesn’t seem to directly support tagging, I think Technorati is still better, but hey– this is Google, so it’s bound to get better and stay on the map for blog searching.

I like how the bottom of each page has ATOM and RSS subscription links that you can save and subscribe to with your aggregator of choice. (Mine is Bloglines.) This is SUPER for doing research on a topic, especially if the research is conducted over an extended period of time. Fresh content just shows up in your custom RSS feed. You can do this with Technorati by registering (for free) and setting up a watchlist.

Google News also has similar functionality– after you do a search on Google News, check out the left sidebar links for RSS and ATOM feeds. The news alerts are very cool and powerful also. School district administrators might consider setting up a Google News alert for their school district’s name. That way, if any news article is published worldwide in the 4500+ news sources Google News tracks, the administrator can immediately receive an email including a link to the article. Digest (daily summary) versions of Google News alerts are also available, if your search query is commonly included in articles.

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