Good grief. I am not sure what is going on, but in the last week I have received more blog comment spam messages than I have in the cumulative lifetime of my blog– over 300 separate blog comment spams. [sigh] Thankfully the free WordPress plug-in Spam Karma 2 has continued to keep things pretty clean for me. Without it I can hardly imagine how frustrated I would be by all these comment spams.

I sure wish the people writing spam, whether for email or for blogs, would find something better to do with their lives. Is good money being made by these folks? There must be an economic incentive. Judging by the basic grammatical errors in many of the posts, it seems the spam authors either do not write English as a first language or had some trouble with language arts in school. Maybe this is the price we’ll pay if we don’t engage and inspire students in our classrooms today? They’ll seek revenge on us and all our neighbors by filling our inboxes and blog comment databases with spam. Clearly these folks have some technical skills, it appears, or they wouldn’t be able to send automated comment spam so prolifically. I wish they would apply themselves to a more constructive and worthwhile goal, however, like inventing cost-effective, alternative energy generators that would eliminate our fossil fuel dependence…..

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