Well, the new white MacBook I ordered two weeks ago arrived today– just in time for my last day of work at Texas Tech tomorrow, when I have to turn in my work laptop and other electronic devices. What a beautiful machine this is!


Not only is the speed, screen, keyboard, power plug interface, and larger touchpad amazing– but I can’t believe how easy this upgrade process was. I had not used it before– I just booted my old laptop into “target mode” and all my documents, applications, network settings, and keychain settings (for passwords) copied right over. I had about 30 gigs of stuff, but less than an hour after I started the upgrade process I am using the MacBook and have not missed a beat– haven’t installed a new program, had to do ANYTHING but start working.

This is personal technology at its finest, in my opinion– because it is so simple, powerful, and easy to use. Amazing… Now I just need to install the 2 gigs of RAM that I ordered separately from SmallDog— it was much cheaper than ordering the RAM directly from Apple. I also plan to buy and install Parallels along with WinXP at some point, but since I haven’t purchased any LucasArts PC titles yet (and won’t have any time to mess with that for awhile) that can wait!

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2 Responses to Amazing MacBook upgrade

  1. Brett Moller says:

    I ordered mine on Tuesday, should have it in 10 days!! Good to hear they are a great machine. Is the mic on board good enough for podcast recording straight into garage band? Have fun with your new baby!!

  2. hey man 🙂 found your blog after looking for people who’ve upgraded their ram and hard disk – how’s that panning out for you?

    i got my core duo low-end macbook a few weeks back and it’s true how you put it – personal technology at it’s greatest!

    in response to brett – the onboard mic is fine for podcasting as far as i can tell – i’m a singer and have used it to record vocals to garageband demo’s so far 😀

    also of note is the core audio – i can plug my guitar in and output to a PA and use my mac as a software guitar amp! how cool is that… come on… lol

    lemme know how the upgrade goes dude, i’m looking to do the same myself!

    benny x

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