Well, this has been a great initial weekend in Edmond, Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City area. Driving out here on Friday night, we saw the most amazing display of lightning I have ever seen in my life. Evidently the radar showed the line of storms extending from southern Oklahoma all the way north to Nebraska– and driving east on I-40 we saw for at least 2-3 hours an amazing display of lightning across our windshield. I wish I had photos of it, but I don’t know if any of them would have done the scene justice. Not only was there a lot of cloud to cloud and cloud to ground lightning, but there were also fingers of lightning that extended up and out from an initial bolt to the ground– absolutely amazing. This is an image of rain clouds over 1st Presbyterian Church here in Edmond yesterday– we had a very nice, cool, overcast day to house hunt.

Rain clouds over 1st Pres, Edmond

The highlight of our weekend here definitely was attending church and meeting some great folks at 1st Pres in Edmond— Both times when I have moved previously as an adult, once to Mexico City and the other to Lubbock, it has been very important to find and connect with a church family. That is proving to be the case here as well. We met some great folks, went out to lunch, got more info on the area, homes and schools– and this afternoon I think we found the school we want our kids to attend (and the neighborhood where we want to lease/buy a home) — Chisholm Elementary School.

Tomorrow is day 1 of work at AT&T!

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One Response to Great first weekend in Edmond

  1. Scott S. Floyd says:

    Thanks for sharing your progress, Wes. I agree that a strong church family is most important. I’ll pray that you end up where God wants you and your family. I guess this means you are not going to make the Promise Keepers in Dallas this year? I was looking forward to trying to hook up with you there.

    It sure looks like the school you are looking at is further along in technology than most here in Texas. They are lucky to get your experience to help them out.

    Good luck with the new job as well!

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