For some reason, perhaps because I am using an Intel-based Macbook that still has a few software issues with certain programs, I have had trouble publishing my podcasts to the Internet Archive lately using their free CCPublisher application as well as using plain FTP and the Internet Archive website for contributions.

Tonight I discovered Ourmedia, which calls itself:

The Global Home for Grassroots Media.

Like the Internet Archive, registration and use of the site to publish your content is free, and Ourmedia actually publishes to the Internet Archive also. Ourmedia has a publishing software tool similar to CC Publisher, and I was able to get it to work OK this evening. It seemed to be a bit sluggish when selecting the CC license, but I’m guessing that is an Intel processor / Rosetta related issue. At least it did work eventually and didn’t lock up. Since Ourmedia publishes to the Internet Archive, you must also have a working (and free) Internet Archive account to use the tool. Basically this looks like an alternative publishing mechanism to still get your “stuff” up to the Internet Archive. I don’t know for certain why Ourmedia exists apart from the Internet Archive, but it appears they offer comparatively more networking features with groups, forums, etc, and also offer another portal for people to use.

I’m mainly glad to find another free publishing path that works, since I prefer to have podcast download bandwidth outsourced to another server! I have a fairly generous monthly bandwidth quota with POWWEB, but I’m being conservative and using free hosting in hopeful expectation of lots of podcast downloads! Since I’ll be publishing several podcasts this weekend, I’m guessing this will be a good strategy. What I DON’T want is to exceed my monthly bandwidth allocation and thereby take my entire blog offline. That happened back in March with my .Mac site for enhanced podcasts, and that was a bit of a bummer for several weeks since others couldn’t access those files until the start of the next month and bandwidth quota period.

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