This evening I had the remarkable experience of talking with educators and several business people across the United States and across the planet in Australia via a free skypecast– discussing some of the ideas, technologies, and issues raised at NECC 2006 in San Diego this past week. We used the free Skypecasts web service, which launched in May 2006, to connect people from Alabama, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Michigan, southern California, and the Gold Coast of Australia in this conversation. Thanks to someone who joined us (who did not reveal his name) I was able to learn about the eCamm Network software program Call Recorder for Skype, about 20 minutes into our discussion. I had not recorded a skypecast initiated with the skypecast website before, and my Audio Hijack Pro program was not working. Thankfully Call Recorder worked like a charm after I installed it and re-entered the skype discussion. My apologies if the conversation is a bit disjointed, because of some technical problems getting Brett into the call from Australia we lost a bit of the dialog. If you have feedback or comments about this Walking on Fiber skypecast, please leave them here. We will do this again, and you will be welcome to join us! The invitation will be posted here, so check back often! 🙂

Program Length: 1 hr, 42 min, 09 sec
File size: 23.4 MB

Podcast 23 June 2006(Click here to listen to this podcast)

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. Skypecasts: A new way to have conversations with people across the world who share your interests.
  2. Brandi Caldwell’s 12th grade English class blog (Alabama)
  3. Brandi Caldwell’s professional blog: It’s All Geek To Me
  4. Brandi’s senior English class’ wiki
  5. Brandi’s teacher blogging wiki (for professional development)
  6. Brian Crosby’s blog: Learning is Messy
  7. Brett Moller’s blog: 21st Century Educator
  8. eCamm Network Call Recorder for Skype (Mac only)
  9. Alabama Best Practices Center (group Brandi is involved with)
  10. Promethean whiteboards and collaborative classroom solutions
  11. A reasonably priced service for live, online student tutoring
  12. Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system (can be used to use Skype and IM on school networks normally blocking those technologies)
  13. Thoughts on Rainforests (Brett’s elementary class blog in Australia last year)
  14. Microsoft Education Competencies
  15. Thoughts on school reform from Ian Jukes, Barry Vercoe and David Thornburg from the NECC 2006 webcast
  16. One Laptop Per Child: The MIT $100 laptop project
  17. Intel’s planned $400 laptop for students
  18. The blog post that initiated this conversation: NECC Ideas and Technologies: Global Skypecast Invitation and WetPaint Wiki
  19. NECC 2006 webcasts
  20. Soople: A graphical interface for powerful, advanced Google searches
  21. Podcast47: In Defense of Encyclopedia Britannica (Nature magazine controversy with Wikipedia)
  22. Fiber to the home: AT&T’s U-verse product
  23. Cisco News via podcasts
  24. Cisco: Overview of the SIP technology standard
  25. Directory of Australian Edubloggers

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