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Making myself at home

When Wes asked me to be a guest blogger for him, the only other time I’d heard of this was when he asked Miguel to do this a few weeks ago.

what's in the fridgeThe only thing I could think of to try to understand what this like, is when I’m invited over to someone’s house and they tell me to make myself at home. I usually take this to heart. To me, making myself at home means, wandering over to the fridge and looking inside, opening up the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and maybe going to the basement and checking it out, and generally putting my feet up and relaxing.

Now for some this may seem quite presumptious and it may well be, but that’s how I operate. Unfortunately, for Wes, he didn’t know this about me so he may be surprised at what happens. I’m not sure what will happen, my daughter is getting married on Friday and so my mind may not be in its normal state but I hope I can add some flavour (notice the Canadian spelling) to Wes’ profilic blog.

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5 responses to “Making myself at home”

  1. Cheryl Oakes Avatar

    welcome aboard Dean! You looked quite cozy at the helm. Enjoy, I’ll be checking in.

  2. Miguel Guhlin Avatar

    Let’s throw a party, Dean! We’ll invite lots of folks over!

  3. Miguel Guhlin Avatar

    Hey, we could do a Skypecast and invite folks in to share ONE blog entry from that they really liked!


  4. Mark Ahlness Avatar

    Dean, glad to see you settled in. Hope the wedding goes/went well. It was wonderful to talk with you a bit the other night on the skypecast. Forgot to mention that your blog is blocked again in my district, but I’m working on getting it unblocked (again). I think the reason came back “political activities” or something like that – I’m not kidding. You Canadians are so scary 🙂 Anyway, just wanting to say hi and wish you all the best – Mark

  5. […] Wes has graciously agreed to look after the fort while I take about a 10 day holiday. I had the privilege of doing some guest work for him a few weeks ago and now he’s returning the favour. […]