After a bit of a rocky start with the skypecast host (that was me) demonstrating remarkable ineptitude in misidentifying muted participants, we had a lot of fun discussing the pros and cons of different educational blogging tools like Classblogmeister, learnerblogs, blogger, etc. We discussed issues of content control, both with student writing (how grammatically correct it should be or permitted NOT to be), how open commenting can positively affect student motivation to write and write well, what happens to classroom blogs at the end of the year, if teachers should introduce students to other social networking environments beyond a protected classroom blog, what blogging tool might be best to start with, and more. What a dramatic example of the flat world in which we live: A global skypecast involving educators at all different levels, from around the globe. In sum, we had about twenty-five different people participate in this skypecast. And the cost? Zero. It was all free! Speaking of free, please feel free to contribute to the blog tools wiki listed below and add suggestions of your own as comments to this skypecast post. The global conversations are just beginning, and hopefully we can do at least one of these per month! The best is yet to come as the conversations we have expand and grow even more diverse, interesting, and worthwhile.

Program Length: 1 hr, 35 min, 39 sec
File size: 21.9 MB

Podcast 11 July 2006(Click here to listen to this podcast)

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. The post that inspired this skypecast: “The Case for Classblogmeister” by Mark Ahlness
  2. Skypecast Wiki: (please edit/add to this and leave your comments!)
  3. Screenshots from the skypecast tonight
  4. Original skypecast invitation and comments
  5. Additional links are included on the skypecast wiki, please contribute your own and comments as well! 🙂
  6. Guidelines for Participating in a Skypecast

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