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Preso by Will Richardson at MTI 2006 sponsored by MACE Kansas

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This is all about kids teaching
– we should help kids create stuff so that when it is disseminated widely, it helps other people learn

30,000 uploads to per day

We have to get in the mindset of kids teaching

podcasting is syndicated, homegrown audio
– this is not just the creation of audio content
– idea is a regular show

This is not just for iPods, hundreds of student podcasts are out there

iTunes seems to be the best index of podcasts that are out there now

Radio Willowweb is a good example

David Warlick’s EPN is Education Podcast Network is place you can post your podcast for free supports direct audio recording through the web

Demo of skype with Dave of Worldbridges, then using Audacity to do basic editing of the podcast

Example: Advanced Video Podcasts

I am not a big fan of podcasts because it is linear and not interactive
– I am more of a visual learner and want to scan content

heavy metal umlaut screencast

Screencasting toolbox
– computer, camtasia (about $200 educational) or windows media encoder (free from MS) or SnapZ Pro

Book: “The Wealth of Networks”
– author was in the middle of a preso at Harvard and interrupted by his mom via skype during his preso

Key is putting these tools in the hands of kids so they can TEACH

we can learn a lot from our kids!

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