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Podcast74: Safe Digital Social Networking

Generally adults help young people learn to drive safely before giving them car keys and turning them loose on the streets of the world. Young people also need guidance and adult assistance to learn how to safely navigate the virtual environments of the 21st Century. Schools must be proactive, rather than merely defensive, in helping students acquire the skills of digital citizenship needed today and in the future. Simply banning read/write web tools on school networks is an inadequate response: Educators must strive to learn alongside students and parents how these technologies can be safely and powerfully used to communicate and collaborate. This presentation was shared on July 28, 2006 at the Mid-America Technology Institute in Winfield, Kansas, sponsored by the Mid-America Association for Computers in Education.

Program Length: 54 min, 43 sec
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Podcast 28 July 2006(Click here to listen to this podcast)

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. This presentation is available as a web-streamed video from KanEdLive. 
  2. This presentation is also available as an enhanced podcast.
  3. Resource links are included on the MTI 2006 Wiki page for this session
  4. This Week in Tech (TWiT) podcast
  5. This podcast was created with Ubercaster (now in beta for Macintosh)

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