I’m presenting a short workshop for middle school teachers in Wewoka, Oklahoma tomorrow on using their new SmartBoards, and have created a wiki (“Electronic White Boards: Engaging Students through Interactive Instruction”) to use for the training.

I have a new VBEduCast from VBrick that I can use and demonstrate when I give workshops– I may give this a shot and try a live web presentation for part of the workshop tomorrow. If so I’ll post a link to the “live web feed” here in case you want to check it out– it may be archived afterwards too, I am not sure. I am thinking this will be a great tool to use for creating video podcasts, as well as doing live web-delivery of workshops. I’ll try to have Skype open (username: wfryer) so if you tune in “live” and want to ask a question, you can via IM. (If it can’t be interactive, it might as well be a podcast, right?!) We’ll see how this goes.

The workshop is supposed to run from 1 pm US Central time and last around three hours. According to the material I’ve read about the VBEduCast, it sounds like the only free viewer that will work with it is Windows Media Player– but I’m thinking it creates a web-based MPEG video stream, so maybe QuickTime can work as well? I am not sure, but giving this a try will be one way to find out! I fear the web-stream may not be cross-platform compatible, so if you tune in during the webcast I’ll be interested in hearing feedback on how things worked for you.

If you have favorite digital curriculum sources you really like to use with an interactive/electronic whiteboard that I don’t have listed on my wiki curriculum, please comment here with a link and we may give those sites a try tomorrow also during the workshop.

The del.icio.us tags interactive_whiteboards and interactivewhiteboard are superb sources for updated, related resources on electronic whiteboards in education. I love web 2.0 resource sharing and collaboration!

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3 Responses to Electronic Whiteboard Workshop tomorrow

  1. Rachel Yurk says:

    Interesting thoughts. Are you aware of SMART’s Video Player? It con only be accessed when connected to a SMART Board, but under settings you can set it to pause a video when a tool is lifted, fade out annotations after a preset time, and continue the video when the tool is replaced. I am a Certified Master Trainer and teacher. I also advocate for SMART Board to be used in an interactive way, which they are often not. Good luck with your presentation. Feel free to contact me should you have questions.

  2. David Stone says:


    Ditto on the SMART onboard Video Player. This year we may pod/vodcast some SMART lessons with our teachers, utilizing the Video Player. We are going to integrate roughly 40-50 SMARTBoards with our core teachers this year at Durham. The SMART website (smarttech.com) has some teacher developed lessons that can be used for free (Notebook software lesson activities). We also have a collection of lessons as well, if those are of interest. I have not tried out the competitors of the SMARTBoard, but SMART is definitely working very well for us!


  3. Well still no lesson pos/vodcasted yet 🙁

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