Guy Kawasaki shares some good insights about what things students should be learning in schools today, that most teachers probably weren’t taught in his post “Ten Things to Learn This School Year.” These include:

  1. How to talk to your boss.
  2. How to survive a meeting that’s poorly run.
  3. How to run a meeting.
  4. How to figure out anything on your own. [THIS IS PROBABLY MY PERSONAL FAVORITE OF THE LIST.]
  5. How to negotiate.
  6. How to have a conversation.
  7. How to explain something in thirty seconds. [BOY DO MANY ACADEMICS EVER HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS!]
  8. How to write a one-page report.
  9. How to write a five-sentence email.
  10. How to get along with co-workers.
  11. How to use PowerPoint.
  12. How to leave a voicemail.

OK, so the list includes more than ten things, but I think it’s a great list. I also like these concluding thoughts from Guy:

… the purpose of going to school is not to prepare for working but to prepare for living. Working is a part of living, and it requires these kinds of skills no matter what career you pursue. However, there is much more to life than work, so study what you love.

Amen! 🙂

Thanks to Devin Henley for this link.

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