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Join a skypecast about WikiSpaces!

Jennifer Wagner is hosting a Skypecast this Saturday, September 16th at 4 pm Pacific time (6 pm Central) to discuss WikiSpaces and answer two basic questions:

  1. How do I use Wikispaces?
  2. Why should I use a Wiki?

Sounds like a great topic for the “Personal Professional Development” strand of our upcoming K12 Online Conference! (Soon to be formally announced!)

Jen asks people to email her in her blog post, but I found the Skypecast event online by doing a keyword search on the site for “Wikispaces.” If you want to participate, make sure you have Skype installed and working. You might also find my post from July “Guidelines for Participating in a Skypecast” helpful. I’m not sure at this point if I’ll be able to join in or not, but if I can’t it’s good to know Jen will be posting an archived recording of it on her website as a podcast.

I just love the read/write web! 🙂

On the subject of WikiSpaces, I want to pass along the fact that WikiSpaces has “launched our program to give away 100,000 wikis to teachers.” So, it’s not only a great weekend to learn about WikiSpaces from Jennifer, but also a great time to sign up for a free wiki for you and/or your students to use!

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One response to “Join a skypecast about WikiSpaces!”

  1. Jennifer Wagner Avatar

    Hi Wesly —

    Thank you for the plug — I am quickly learning a great deal about hosting a skypecast — so Saturday WILL be a trial run — but successful, I hope!!!

    Thank you also for the Guidelines for Participating in a Skypecast post. I have included it in my email for those who are joining the skypecast.

    Thanks for all you do — the encouragement and all your great ideas. I truly enjoy reading your blog.