Cosmeo is a new commercial, homework-help service from Discovery. I saw this advertised a few weeks ago at our local mall in Edmond, Oklahoma. Has anyone tried it, and have comments or feedback on the service they’d like to share? There is so much good stuff on the Internet, but finding it is often a problem– so I can see where something like this (a family web-portal for educational uses) could be quite handy. It is $10 a month though… So does anyone think Cosmeo is worth the cost?

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4 Responses to Thoughts on Cosmeo

  1. Steve Dembo says:

    Since I work for the company, I can’t give you an unbiased opinion about whether it’s worth the cost or not. I do want to mention that if a school registers for it, parents who buy Cosmeo can have up to 25% of their subscription costs be donated to the school. We’re trying to get the word out about that, but it’s been slow to circulate.

    That being said, I’d love to hear what people have to say about it as well. I’ve heard precious little feedback about it outside of news sources.

  2. James Sigler says:

    I am a third grade teacher in Missouri. I am not sure what all the features are for cosmeo, but our district has a subscription to, a part of the Discovery Educator Network. You know, the Dicovery Channel. I love it! I can stream and download videos that are searchable by my state’s curriculum. The videos are also broken down into segments so I can use a short, focused video clip right when I need it. The clips can also be incorporated into Powerpoint slideshows or Moviemaker videos. There are my other features that I have even used yet like quizzes and online activites. It’ll take me a while just to explore all the possibilties. I think the potential of United Streaming for intergrating technology into the classroom are tremendous.

  3. M. Bashara says:

    We homeschool and we love Cosmeo. We use the Nutsell Math a lot. We like watching tv but wanted a source of educational videos at our fingertips instead of regular tv shows. Cosmeo solved our problem and we love it!


  4. Tim Franklin says:

    Our family loves Cosmeo. We use it alot for the math tools…very cool for kids and also help mom and dad not feel like idiots because we can’t remember every math concept from over 25 years ago.

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