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Universal (Intel Mac) version of Ecto available

Boy I love blogging from my Mac, and specifically with the reasonably priced program Ecto, MUCH better than I like using the web-interface for WordPress on a Windows XP computer. I’m now using Windows-based computers much more than I have in the past few years because of my job, but thankfully I’m still able to use my Macbook quite a bit of the time.

I was delighted to learn that a universal binary version of Ecto (optimized for Intel-based Macs like my MacBook) is now available. It is FAST! I have been using the older version of Ecto, which I assume was running in Rosetta, and didn’t have much trouble with it, but this optimized version is faster and even better. I love speed! 🙂

BTW, the Windows version of Ecto was updated in July. We all become creatures of habit to a degree, I think. I liked the WYSIWYG features of the Windows-based Ecto, but am so used to working in the HTML version of the Mac Ecto that I really prefer it at this point. My (almost) 9 year old saw me blogging the other night and asked what I was doing, I think he thought I was typing a lot of gibberish with the HTML code that is included in Ecto’s HTML view. He hadn’t ever seen any type of computer code before. I love the shortcuts built into Ecto, I use the one for hyperlink all the time and have added a custom one for blockquote that I use frequently also. I am not sure if my ability to write and post to blogs is twice as fast with Ecto than just using the standard WordPress webpage interface, but it might be– It makes a BIG difference in my workflow when blogging.

If you’re doing a fair bit of blogging (I’d define that as two or more posts a week) then I’d highly recommend checking out Ecto. A free trial is available, during which time all features are activated and available. The spellcheck is quite handy too!

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2 responses to “Universal (Intel Mac) version of Ecto available”

  1. Robert Avatar

    Wes, I’ve been using Qumana for a couple of months but have been auditioning Ecto for the last couple of weeks. I’ve found it to be nice, but I don’t like the way it handles images (is there no way to have text wrap around an image?) and I really don’t like the way it handles Technorati tags. Is the new Universal version pretty much the same in those regards, or have they changed the functionality? I’d buy Ecto if it weren’t for those two issues.

    Clarifying: To enter in a technorati tag, you have to click “+” in a sidebar, change the default text of “puppy” to whatever you want, and then that tag persists forever until you delete it. I prefer Qumana’s way– you click a button for tags, enter your tags as a list, and then click OK and there they are. No text to change, and if you want to enter in a one-time-only tag name you don’t have to manually delete it.

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Robert: I don’t think this universal version of Ecto is any different functionality-wise than the previous version you’ve tried. The developer is working on a 3.0 version but the website doesn’t give a definite release date. I haven’t heard of or tried Qumana yes, I’ll have to check that app out. I agree the Technorati tag feature may not be the easiest on Ecto– I probably should use tags more, but I am just using then for conference related posts in most cases.