The web address for the Vyew interactive whiteboard for our skypecast is

Darren Kuropatwa and I are going to host an open skypecast this coming Wednesday, October 11th starting at 9 pm US Central Time. Our topic is “When Night Falls Discussion.”

“When Night Falls” will be the culminating event of the upcoming K-12 Online Conference, and we are envisioning it as a 24 hour around the globe skypecast to discuss ideas, takeaways, criticisms and suggestions of the conference. Darren has set up a wiki to permit different volunteers to moderate one or two hour blocks of time for the skypecast. Rather than create a 24 hour skypecast that would have to be moderated by a single individual (and probably few of us have the desire or energy to do that) Darren is proposing that people volunteer and take turns. We are thinking at this point that each moderator will create their own Skypecast for others to join, and these links will all be provided on the wiki.

I created a seven minute screencast this evening describing the steps people can follow to create their own skypecast event. We may create and share additional screencasts related to this as well. The goal of this discussion will be to share our thinking about this event up to this point, and get more ideas for how this can be better.

Darren has suggested, and I think he is correct, that we want the agenda of discussion for each segment of “When Night Falls” to be pretty open so people can discuss the topics of greatest interest to them. There are several other web 2.0 tools we are proposing for use during the event, including Vyew and (Tapped-in has been around for quite awhile so it may not qualify as “web 2.0,” but to the extent it does allow people to write the web instead of just reading it I think its environment should qualify!)

Please try to join us if you can this Wednesday evening (9 pm central) to chat about ideas and suggestions. Also, please post ideas and suggestions you have related to this event idea here or on Darren’s latest blog post about this event.

Also check out the “When Night Falls” wiki site that Darren has setup, and feel free to add content and ideas there, as well as sign up to be a moderator. No prior skype or skypecasting experience is required! 🙂

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2 Responses to Join our skypecast: When Night Falls discussion!

  1. JenniferW says:

    I would be able to moderate — perhaps the 2 hours after you??

    However, I can’t seem to edit the wiki. 🙂

    If you can use my services — sign me up.

    Jennifer W

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Ok Jennifer, I edited the moderator sign up page on the wiki and put you down for the 5 am GMT slot! Thanks! 🙂

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