Nicenet provides a free environment for teachers to create and share links, online discussions, and other things with students. Are teachers and students in your district using Nicenet, and if so, what are your impressions? I have heard that NiceNet is not as robust as Moodle, but do you think it provides a similar experience with similar interactive possiblities?

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2 Responses to Nicenet use?

  1. Diana says:

    I have used NiceNet as a collaborative tool with international connections. After a summer in S. Africa, I set up a space between American teachers and S. African teachers and chose to use NiceNet because the tool is easy on people with low connection speed/capacity… there are few bells and whistles, but the S. African teachers couldn’t handle the bells and whistles anyway. I think it is a straightforward tool that allows for collaboration and connection. It is a simple tool, and frankly, that is a bonus in certain situations!

  2. I have used Nicenet since 2002 for inclass and international exchanges. Yes, it is flatter and has fewer bells and whistles than other Online Learning Environments (such as moodle, which I also use), but this can be a benefit when working with schools in other countries who require the simpler interface due to bandwidth and infrastructure demands.

    In fact, I used Nicenet as the environment for the collection of my data for my thesis in ed. tech. which I defended recently. It is reliable, robust, and safe. Depending on what one is looking for in an online learning environment, it could certainly provide the basic needs without having to worry about server or administration responsibilities.

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