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UMS is better than MTC

I was delighted to learn today that my loaner iRiver T10’s firmware CAN be updated to permit reformatting of the device so it is compatible with non-WindowsXP computers.

Previously (as far as I knew) MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) was the only available format for the iRiver T10. MTP is required for PlaysForSure-certified music, which is Microsoft’s proprietary DRM format. The latest firmware update, however allows the iRiver to be formatted in UMS (Universal Mass Storage) mode, which permits non WinXP computers (including my MacBook) to access files including recorded audio.

This is HUGE, because it means I don’t have to work with a separate WinXP latop or in WinXP via Parallels to transfer my recorded audio files to my Mac hard drive for editing. Yes! 🙂

Anything that streamlines the podcasting process is quite welcome, and this functionality is HUGE for me.

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2 responses to “UMS is better than MTC”

  1. Miguel Guhlin Avatar

    Ok, it’s not a loaner anymore. Go get your own!

  2. Brad Niessen Avatar

    Not only does our district support iPods, we are also big iriver T30 users. Just last year we purchased around 150 T30 for multiple projects….the biggest is a middle and high school literacy program called eXtreme literacy. Theses device are being used to capture students reading so students and teacher can evaluated fluency and decoding skills.