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Firefox 2 and Skype 2

Close on the heels of Microsoft’s release of IE7 from beta, Mozilla has released Firefox 2.0 this week for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Check out their “all” page listing every available version in different languages. Amazing! In addition, Skype 2.0 for Macintosh with support for desktop videoconferencing (one to one) was also released. Skype 2.0 with video for Windows has been out for sometime already.

Firefox 2.0 seems snappier on both the Windows and Macintosh sides. (I’m able to run WinXP without a problem via Parallels now on my Macbook, which is quite nice when I need to teach with WindowsXP applications.) These add-ons have been around for awhile I guess, but upon updating I discovered the developer add-on (great for validating webpages, examining CSS, disabling certain web features, and more) as well as the bookmark add-on which among other things allows for in-browser editing and categorization (tagging and bundling) of social bookmarks. These tools look GREAT! And of course, the price is right, all these browser tools are free!

(Addition: Instead of the add-on I’ve been playing with the Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer— this permits people to synchronize their bookmarks across multiple computers, even if they are different platforms, in the same way that .Mac subscribers have been able to synchronize Safari bookmarks across different Macintosh computers. VERY cool and very powerful.)

I have been using the Skype 1.5 beta for Macintosh for several months now and didn’t have stability problems with it, I have been able to desktop videoconference with both Windows and Macintosh users, so I am not sure if I’ll see much of a change with this new edition. I am THRILLED Skype now supports cross-platform videoconferencing.

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