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Talking Science Podcasts

After many weeks of discussions and planning, my 8 year old son and I have formally launched a new collaborative podcasting project we have titled, “Talking Science.”

Talking Science Podcasts

The idea here is pretty simple and powerful: Invite students from around the world to contribute short podcasts in which they ask questions they have about different scientific topics. Other learners (novice as well as expert) are invited to contribute answers and ideas to these questions as comments or other podcasts.

The first episode includes a bit of background on the podcasting project, as well as some questions relating to the center of the universe and dark matter.

Check out our project and join the fun! When learners of any age talk about what interests them and what they know, the payoffs can be great. This project will hopefully be a fun way to also connect younger learners and aspiring scientists with professional researchers who can share their knowledge and expertise with a global audience in this asynchronous format! 🙂

Thanks to Flickr user XMatt for the microscope image used in the background of our podcast banner image.

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